The purpose of Komix! is to give you an easy way to keep up-to-date with all of your favourite webcomics.
If you want to know some more detailed information, select the area of your query below.
Webcomic Readers
What is Komix!?
It's a fair question - as far as we're aware, there's nothing else quite like this out there.
Komix! is an extremely simple website that lets you keep track of all the webcomics you read, and where you've got to in each one.
Although some webcomics were already offering this functionality, each one implemented it slightly differently, and they used the notoriously unreliable browser cookies.
An added advantage of our system is that you can read all of your webcomics using one standard interface.
Anything else?
Why, yes!
Because Komix! works by gathering updates to all comics, we offer a consolidated RSS feed for all of your subscribed comics.
And if that wasn't enough, we also provide you with a way to bookmark your favourite strips, rate each strip from 1 to 5 stars depending on how much you like it (not dislike), and there are discussion boards for every comic and strip.
How do I use this service?

Hopefully, you should find it very simple:

  • Begin by signing up. You'll need to pick a unique username and supply us with a valid email address (Privacy notes) for us to validate you against - it rarely takes more than 5 minutes to activate your account.
  • After signing up, search our list of available webcomics and decide on ones you like. If we're missing one of your favourites, suggest it to us.
  • After that, you can read your comics assured that the last strip you read will be remembered and you can go back to it at any time.

Whilst we have designed Komix! to be able to adapt as much as possible, sometimes things aren't quite correct. If you see any bad or missing information, or you discover a problem, please report it to us immediately.

I've subscribed to comics. How do I read them from now?

Komix! will only automatically remember the strip you're at while you are using the > (Next) button on the strip viewer.
If you want to skip the archives of a comic, use the >> button on the strip viewer to move to the latest strip and then use the remember icon in the bottom-right to remember this strip as your current progress.
The icon appears lit remembered when you are viewing your latest strip.

What do I do if I forget to use the interface?

If you accidently use the navigation links within the actual webcomic, the Komix! interface will warn you that your browsing is unrecorded. Unfortunately, due to browser security, we cannot track your viewing automatically like that.
We suggest either showing the Komix! interface and using that navigation, or "frame-breaking" your current page (in Firefox, right-click and use This Frame > Show Only This Frame) and using the bookmarklet below.

For people that don't wish to use the Komix! interface, you can read your comics as normal and then use the following bookmarklet to automatically remember where you've got to in that comic, assuming you're signed in: Komix!.
Drag the link to your links toolbar for quick access.

What are your plans?

Apart from adding more webcomics and gathering more information on each one (categorising them, for instance), our current plans are basically to refine the interface and make it easier to use.

If you have other ideas for how we can make the system more useful to webcomic readers (or owners), contact us and we'll do our best to improve it.

I've found a bug. What should I do?

While the matching system underlying Komix! is now pretty mature, the interface still needs a lot of work. Although we want people to use it, we make no claims that it will always function as advertised (especially immediately after a new release).
While we make every possible effort to ensure that the releases are completely stable, we are only a small group and sometimes let mistakes slip through.

If you find any issues with the site, please contact us and let us know what you were doing that went wrong, remembering to tell us your browser and operating system.

What's a gravatar, and how do I change mine?

Using avatars on websites and forums is very common on the Internet.
With Komix!, we decided to use the excellent Gravatar system to allow you to easily share your avatar over many websites.
This means that you can set your Gravatar image for your email address once, and it will be used across all Gravatar-supporting websites. But remember, if you change the email address you use, you must add that address to your Gravatar account or you'll get a new image.

If you haven't already, sign up to Gravatar now (sorry) and make sure to add (or sign up with) the email address you have used here. We'll do the rest.
If you ever want to change your avatar, just log in to Gravatar and do it there.

For the record, we only ever use 'G' rated avatars and we assign unique Wavatars to users who have not assigned their own Gravatar image to their email address.

How does your rating system work?

After having our flawed three-tier system for so long, we finally decided to adopt FamilyWebcomic's WC rating system.

After listing a comic, and having read through a portion of it, we simply decide on the lowest acceptible rating for it. The key items we're looking for are language, nudity, and general adult themes.
We're in no way an official rating system, and will defer to the comic's own advised rating if they have one.

The ratings are as follows:
WC-GWC-G: Generally safe viewing for all-ages, including small children.
WC-7WC-7: Safe viewing for all ages 7 or older. Content may be a bit intense for younger children.
WC-10WC-10: May contain involved storylines, more intense violence, language, and serious subject matters.
WC-14WC-14: Suitable for teens. May contain mild profanity, partial nudity, violence, and adult themes.
WC-MWC-M: For mature audiences. Contains high risk of violence, nudity, and adult situations.
WC-XWC-X: Contains graphic violence, mature themes, nudity and/or adult situations.

I'm concerned about my privacy.

Good! So are we.
The email address you provide us with will only ever be used to send you password reminders, any digest emails you specifically ask for, and emergency news broadcasts if something major is happening to Komix!.
We ask for your email address to sign in so that other users can't just use your publically displayed username and attempt to force their way in.
We will never supply your email address to anyone outside of Komix!, and the only people within Komix! who can see it are the user moderators.

Additionally, your password is fully hashed on our servers - we are unable to retrieve your original password.
When you sign in using a JavaScript-capable browser, your password is sent to us pre-encrypted; preventing packet sniffing from finding it out.

We will never ask you for your password. If someone purportedly from Komix! asks for your password, let us know and we'll attempt to deal with it.

How can I support Komix!?

It's a lot of us to ask, but basically just use the site.
Suggesting your favourite comics to add, and helping to update the information on each one is also greatly appreciated.
And while you're thinking about it, why not tell everyone you know that you use our site?

How many comics do you have in the queue?

Behind Komix! is a queue of processed webcomics yet to be made available to users, and suggested URLs for us to check out.
The size of the queue varies depending on how many suggestions we've received; but it currently stands at 257.

Your interface sucks.

We're aware that we've got a lot of work to do on the interface.
With each monthly release, we dedicate a portion of the team's time to functionality and a portion to the interface. Unfortunately, we're lacking a skilled designer to overhaul the site, even though we've offered to pay for the work.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the interface, or you're a web designer who's interested in earning a little money by helping us to redesign the site, drop us an email.

Webcomic Owners
How are you doing this?

To start, we should explain that we do not store any of the content of your site (apart from URLs and strip titles).
All traffic is passed back to your server, and we are not aware of any issues this causes to advertising campaigns.

Like a search engine, our system simply follows the "next" links from your first strip to the most recent. All we store are the URLs to your strips - so you don't lose any traffic by users viewing your comic through our site.
After the initial "mapping" of your comic archive, the system may cause a small amount of extra hits to your front page every day. This is automatically scaled to the frequency of your updates, but you can expect to see a hit every two hours until a new strip is retrieved for a day.
If you have an RSS feed available listing your strip URLs, we will automatically keep an eye on that instead of hitting your main website.
Since we are only interested in the URL of each strip, only the HTML page is hit, there is no traffic for images or other files.

My webcomic isn't featured on this site, but I would like it to be.

There are simply thousands of comics out there, and while we would love to list them all, we are limited by how fast we can add them.
If you would be interested in having your webcomic mapped by our system so that anyone can keep track of where they have got to, please use the suggestion form.
Your comic will be added to our queue and will be mapped as soon as possible.

My webcomic is featured on this site, but I would rather it wasn't.

We're very sorry to hear that - we only aim to make all webcomics equally available and enjoyable by everyone.
We also apologise if you weren't contacted before your comic was listed; we do try to get approval from all comic owners, but it's possible your comic slipped through the net.
If you sincerely wish for your webcomic to be removed, contact us with your request.

When contacting us, it would be appreciated if you could let us know why you don't want to be listed with us. We'd also like to point you to how we do this, as that seems to be the common cause of misunderstanding.

Why is my comic rated at that level?

Our rating system (described here) isn't perfect; it requires us to place a judgement on your comic from what we've seen during the initial listing.
We do try to update this as we get to know your comic better, but we might also be in a situation where you just disagree with our decision.

If you think your comic has been mis-rated (either too harsh or too lenient), pop over an email to us and we can discuss a more appropriate level.

Please remember that the rating level is used to filter out inappropriate comics from certain users. For instance, non-registered users cannot see M or X rated comics.

What are the listing criteria?

We understand that every webcomic owner has a different vision for their webcomic, and possibly restrictions on the way they are able to make it available to users.
While we will attempt to include every comic suggested to us, there are some comics that we are just unable to list completely.

In order for our strip viewer to work correctly, we will only map comics which have single-strip pages available through dedicated URLs and are presented sequentially.
If this isn't possible, we'll still list the comic, but only take the latest update date.

Oh... yeah... about that...
As we've been finding and adding webcomics, we've noticed that many don't offer link graphics, or at least in the size we desire.
It's also possible that we weren't able to find the graphic for your particular webcomic, even though it was buried somewhere on your site.
In these cases, we've lovingly butchered another image from your site to meet our requirements.

It was decided, in the interest of fairness, that all webcomic images should meet the same standards. For that reason, if you wish to send us a replacement image, it must be as follows:

  • 88px x 31px
    We will accept no negotiations on this subject. It's a reasonably common size, and it allows us to fit a large number of webcomics on a page without taking up too much space.
  • Not animated.
    Again, no negotiations. With a large number of images on the screen, it would be terrible to have them all flashing and moving in front of the user. Equally, it would be unfair to allow some webcomics to have animated images whilst denying others - so we don't allow them at all.
  • GIF, JPEG or PNG.
    These are all common and sensible formats, but we thought it best to specify.

Apart from that, anything goes.
Send us a replacement image to (obviously mentioning which comic you represent).

We have a few banners available for that very purpose! If you want one in a different size, just ask.
We generally prefer that you download a copy to your own server, if possible.

88 x 31: Komix! 88x31

117 x 30: Komix! 117x30

125 x 125: Komix! 125x125

I want my comic listed, but I'd rather you didn't hit my site so often.
That's fine - we want everyone to be happy.
There are currently two alternatives:
  1. You tell us which days of the week you add new strips.
    If this is already mentioned on your site, the chances are we have already used this information.
  2. You register with us to use our proactive update API - Koma.
    This is a very simple script that you can use to tell our system when you have added a new strip so that we only hit your site when there is something to find.
    To find out more about the API, drop us a line.

If you think we're causing an unnecessary surge in your bandwidth (which we imagine is unlikely), check your webstats. We hit sites using the "Mozilla/5.0 (Komix!/Nov09;" user-agent, so it's easy to see what affect we have.

Would you be interested in working closer with my webcomic?
Very much so.
We are all avid webcomic readers and would like to help in any way we can. Other services we can offer include website automation and hosting.
As usual, you can contact us at
Is there some way I can view stats on people viewing my webcomic through here, or update my details?
Why, yes!
We are currently trialling a control panel for webcomic owners to be able to maintain their listing as well as see information on who is reading their webcomic.
If you're interested in playing with the control panel and helping us test it (and you have a webcomic listed with us already), contact us to let us know.
How is this funded?

Currently, it's not...
Since we've completed enough of the desired functionality to begin publicising the site, we have added a couple of small ad-boxes in the hopes of eventually becoming self-supporting.
Our goal is to keep things such as advertising as unobtrusive as possible; we do not want it to interfere or detract from any member comic, and it must not be a switch-off for our users.

If all goes well, we also have plans offer incentives for premium memberships - but this is some way off and there are no concrete details.

How can I support Komix!?

You could think about advertising with us (see top and bottom of page), but we'd happily accept linking to us from your website, or even a quick mention on your blog.

Question not answered? Ask us directly.

With special thanks to...