Gravatar fluffyEmail to you isn't working, nor are updates
When I try sending email to komix@komix.org.uk, I get a bounce message stating that delivery to  komix@iyates.co.uk failed, with no reason given.

The reason I've tried to send email is that my comic (busybee) has had several strips posted since Komix last updated its listings.  Is it just scraping HTML?  It would probably be better to use the update-only RSS feed at http://beesbuzz.biz/d/rss-updates.php which just contains links to individual comic pages (with the series name and strip title).
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Gravatar Ian ***Re: Email to you isn't working, nor are updates
Thanks for that, I've fixed the email problem.

The initial mapping for a comic is always done by HTML scraping in order to map from strip 1. Afterwards, we normally switch to RSS monitoring, if a feed is available, though in your case we haven't done so - I'll make that change.

I've also updated the titling code to include the series name.
11:24:56 11th September, 2009
Gravatar fluffyRe: Email to you isn't working, nor are updates
Excellent. Thank you.
01:46:07 12th September, 2009
Gravatar MidtoonRe: Email to you isn't working, nor are updates
I don't know if you are still working on this project, but my comic, MIDTOON only reads up to 137. I don't have an RSS feed. Can
your system still read and add them? My latest strip is 173
05:42:39 18th May, 2011
Gravatar HaintedI don't have the My comics Tab
Hainted Holler is my comic but I don't have the My Comics Tab to edit it's listing.Thanks for the add and the feature though
Travis Surber
02:20:40 28th October, 2009
Gravatar Ian ***Re: I don't have the My comics Tab
Hi Travis,
Try now.
09:16:05 30th October, 2009
Gravatar Monsterful(Deleted) Something a little wrong with the submissions?
Gravatar Ball29Maritzarespond this post
freelance writer
10:41:47 26th December, 2011
Gravatar Ball29Maritzareply
freelance writer
10:42:01 26th December, 2011
Gravatar NovawulfenHow to remove subscriptions...
I've tried to add xkcd to my list and it's added it in Russian.  Is there a way to unsubscribe from that comic, as I don't really want to try and read it in a language that I don't understand...

I can't seem to get to the subscriptions tab in my profile, nothing happens when I press it.
20:01:37 30th May, 2012
Gravatar Ian ***Re: How to remove subscriptions...
If My Subscriptions isn't working, go to the strip reading interface and in the bottom-left is a green puzzle piece that you can click to unsubscribe.
English XKCD is here: http://komix.org.uk/comic/?xkcd/
14:01:54 26th July, 2012
Gravatar cazsanjuanE-mail bounces back and scraper has stopped
Hi Ian!
Welcome back!  I've been trying to e-mail you but my messages keep bouncing back.
Anyways, the scraper has stopped updating my comic since February 2011.  I tried everything on my end to get it back on track to no avail.
Here is where it is stuck (komix.org.uk).
15:23:26 2nd July, 2012
Gravatar Ian ***Re: E-mail bounces back and scraper has stopped
Apologies. For some reason Callous was switch off.
Normal service has been resumed :-)
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