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Gravatar Brushing the dust off - Ian (17:00 29th June, 2012)

Seeing how it's been over 18 months since I last did anything with Komix!, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the site is completely dead, but the steady hit stats show that some of you still make use of it.
I've been pretty impressed with how well the scraper has continued to work in my absence; I've spring-cleaned about a dozen of the more popular comics so far, and only a handful have required anything more than a minor tweak.

I don't have any definite current plans; the site still needs a lot of interface work, which will require finding a new designer, but other than that I'm only thinking about getting the current comics all working correctly.
The original reason for stopping work on Komix!, apart from lack of personal time, was that the comic authors themselves didn't show much enthusiasm, which surprised me a little.
I'm not going to switch back to full-steam with all of the remaining ideas, but I might try to get back to the stage of listing a new comic maybe every week.

Stay tuned!

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Gravatar Braaiiinnsss - Ian (07:40 16th November, 2010)

This post has been far too long coming, I know.
The site is not dead. I've been dealing with an extremely busy personal life for months now, and unfortunately Komix! has had to take a back-seat.

Over the last week, we've moved Komix! to a new set of servers. Hopefully, this will improve response times (not that they were ever a real issue), but tweaking will be an ongoing process.

The infamous Apr10 refresh still exists. The goal of it was to open the comic moderation process more to allow an "editors" system to build the list faster.
Because of this change, I took the decision to not add any new comics until it was complete.
Had I known that 8 months later it still wouldn't be released, I probably wouldn't have made that decision.
If things start to settle down in the next few months, I'll make a decision as to whether to focus on the refresh or start adding some of the 300+ comics in the queue.

Either way, it would be naive to say that anything will happen before the New Year. But Komix! should still be working.
I know that there are a lot of listings screaming for attention, but if one of your subscriptions has stopped working, let me know and I promise to fix it as a priority.

If anyone wants to get more involved with Komix!, drop me a line and we can chat; there's plenty for other people to help out with.

Cheers everyone

Gravatar Hold your breath - Ian (22:30 23rd May, 2010)

There is some development news coming soon.
Komix has been on hold for a while (far too long), but it is still doing what it was meant to do.
I'm hoping to start listing new comics again soon.

Gravatar Time - Ian (23:30 16th March, 2010)

Just wanted to say that I'm still around and trying to get more done on Komix!, but I've a lot going on right now.
There are a few comics queued, and some great things planned... I'll see what I can do.

Gravatar Coming Soon! - Ian (14:30 9th February, 2010)

Hello all!

Hopefully you've noticed that new comics are now being listed daily. This should be the norm from now on... he says.

I completed quite a few bits of the Feb10 refresh, and then a power-cut caused my PC to rollback the file-system and wipe out a week's work... Can't say I've seen that before.
The most frustrating thing was discovering that the cloud-based backup service I use doesn't version my files, so it had actually duplicated the file-system rollback over the work I'd done...
Needless to say, I've since changed backup service.

Although webcomic news still isn't something we can focus on providing, I'd like to point to the wonderful Anders Loves Maria (WC-M (, that finished very recently.
If you've never heard of it, now's a good time to subscribe and start reading from the beginning.